JUST IN: Teacher Trainees To Feed Themselves Effective from this date

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The Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) expects training instructors to be self-sufficient beginning Monday, November 7, 2022.

The choice has become “increasingly difficult for Principals to continue to give three meals a day to children at Six Cedis, Fifty Pesewas (C6.50),” according to a letter received by Starrfm.com.gh and written to the Education Minister.

The letter, written by Dr. Harriet Naki Arnui, Executive Secretary of PRINCOF, continued: “Principals of Colleges of Education have been working extremely hard in recent times to feed trainee teachers as a result of current market trends.”

Prices for all food products have skyrocketed, and food suppliers have refused to give any food items to colleges due to the colleges’ debt to these suppliers.”

Meanwhile, it stated that a request for an increase in the food stipend provided to Principals was denied, putting a strain on the Colleges’ operations.

This follows protests by trainees at Mount Mary College of Education in Somanya, Eastern Region, accusing administration of attempting to pilfer GHc279,104 in meal fees.

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The students claim they paid for their food for four months while waiting for the government to repay them, but when the sum was granted by the Student Loan Trust Fund for onward transfer to the students, management refused to pay the amount.

The students accused the SRC of conspiring with management to commit embezzlement.

They also complained of poor feeding despite the payment by government through the student loan Trust Fund.

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