October Salary: CAGD Validation Captures Some of The Newly Posted Teachers – [CHECK DATE OF PAYMENT ]

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Information reaching MyFrichy.com from the office of the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) has it that Newly Posted Teachers who were part of the third batch of the biometric registration will be paid during October salary payment.

October Validation is in as it is confirmed to MyFrichy.com that the aforementioned newly posted teachers are part of the validation.

However, if a newly posted teacher’s name did not pop up, they should be added as a missing staff by their validators. 

MyFrichy.com advises that all newly posted teachers must kindly inform their validators.

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All newly posted teachers who were part of third batch of the biometric registration should note that payment of salary will begin by Friday, October 28 depending on one’s bank.

Source: MyFrichy.com

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