GOOD NEWS: COLA Reflects On August Validation For SOME Government Workers; Check How Much Was Paid

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Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) has reflected on the August GOG validation payslip of Ghana Police Service.

Although validation for other public sectors like teachers, nurses and others are yet to be in, validators from the police service have confirmed that the COLA has reflected for the month of August.

It should be noted that some of the security services in Ghana recieve their salaries earlier before other public sectors hence their validation comes first.

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How Much Was Paid

According to the confirmation, the 15% COLA for July and August is showing on the August Validation Voucher, which means by the End of August (28th August, 2022) , it will hit the Accounts of the workers. So July COLA arrears and August 2022 COLA have been paid.

Many Public Sector Workers were in doubt if it might reflect this month considering some rumors that, the Financial Ministry is yet to give the green light.

The above confirms that all other public sector workers will recieve it as agreed by the government and Organized Labour in July.

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