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The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has reviewed the processes of this year’s Inter Regional Reposting of teachers for the 2022/2023 academic year.

According to GES, the issuance of assurance letters to applicants who want to be reposted which commenced on 11th August would end on 30th September, 2022.

Again the processes of applications to the Headquarters will also begin in September 2022 and take effect from the beginning of the next academic year (January 2023).

In this new reviewed guidelines, the receiving District Director does not have the chance to declare objection or otherwise by issuing an assurance letter to the applicant.

The New Guidelines or Processes Of This Year’s Inter Regional Reposting


An Applicant seeks for an Assurance from their Region of choice through their Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education.


After securing the assurance letter, the applicant then applies for Release from his/her current Metro/Municipal/District Education Office.

The Metro/Municipal/District Director writes a covering letter, after the applicant has completed an inter-regional transfer form and attached all necessary documents (Eg. Current Payslip, Assurance Letter, Certificates, Bank Clearance, etc).


The Metro/Municipal/District Director forwards the applicant’s documents to the Regional Education Office for onward submission to the Director-General for final approval.


After the Director-General’s approval is given, the Regional Director issues a release letter to the applicant to complete the reposting process.

GES further stated that a teacher seeking Inter Regional reposting can only be released by the Regional Director after the Director-General has given final approval to the applicant.

GES confirmed that this new guidelines supersedes the earlier guideline communicated.

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