GES Has Terminated the Appointment Of Some 2022 Newly Posted Teachers– Check Details

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Newly posted teachers from colleges of education who were having issues or did not pass any of their Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination Results (GTLE) but were posted are urged to take note of the information below;

According to reports from the western region, graduates who fall into the aforesaid category should double-check their appointment letters on the GES recruitment portal.

According to the information, GES has rectified the above-mentioned anomaly and has started scrutinizing the lists that were sent to the various regions and districts.

Therefore, graduates who have issues but were posted names have been eliminated hence the appointment letter available on the GES recruitment portal has been taken off.

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Newly posted teachers are therefore encouraged to recheck their appointment letters and recruitment portal. Affected graduates will not be able to access their appointment letters when they log on to the portal. This means that the appointment has been terminated.

Newly posted teachers who trailed in any of the GTLE courses are very likely to be affected by this new development. Graduates who are affected by this decision taken by the GES are urged to note that as part of the requirements for posting, one must write and pass the GTLE Exams.

In recent times GES opened the portal for graduate Newly Qualified Teachers to apply for them to be recruited into the teaching field, one of the Most important requirements was to pass your GTLE and have your Provisional License, and you are to use that to apply, some graduates who did not pass some of their papers still went on to apply for Postings.

Even though earlier they were given appointments into GES but some drastic measures have been taken to remove all those people have been removed from the system, Newly Posted Teachers are advised to recheck their appointments again on the portal.

A very bad news for those involved.

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