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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bosome Freho, Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng has in what has become a weekly support program presented assorted set of items to Hairdressing and Dressmaking artisans in the Bosome Freho Constituency.

Just recently, Hon Akwasi Darko Boateng donated, 1,500 school uniforms, 130 sewing machines, 2,400 nose masks, 2,400 hand Sanitizers, 30 sterilize cabinets, 50 shaving machines for Barbers, 5 boxes of matches, and 5 boxes of Boots for Farmer across the constituency.

The hardworking MP who has launched educational fund to cater for the needy but brilliant students with the seed capital of GHS30,000 and pledges to support GHS20,000 every year has done it again today.

Hon. Akwasi Darko as the constituents have started calling him “Adwuma Wura” on dressmakers and
Hairdressers again, the set of items, cost millions of cedis includes Wall-Mounted Dryers and Standing Dryers, Steamers, Tonging sets, Hand Dryers, Hair Straighteners, Sterilisers and Integrated Ceramic Sinks with Chairs have been presented today across the constituency.

Valued at a similar cost, Susu freho seamstress and Dressmakers associations in Tebeso No2 also received about 20- Industrial Sewing Machines, Steam Irons, Button Making Machines, Over-Locking Machines, barbering machines as well as Cutting Machines.

Structured under the visionary, “MPs Artisan Support Program”, the equipment presented will ensure that members of the Hairdressers and Dressmakers Association in Bosome Freho especially those in Tebeso No2 who are apprentices will have the needed tools to learn the required primary and contemporary skills in their chosen fields of trade.

According to the Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng, Masters, Mentors and Trainers who were presented with the equipment can now benefit from the use of the equipment in service of training these apprentices on every aspect of their dressmaking and hairdressing craft.

Additionally, it will also provide the needed start-up for all who have completed and acquired training in hairdressing and dressmaking in the constituency to start their trade without the prevalent hindrances of lack of start-up items.

Speaking with Nana Tabi, frichytv correspondent Hon, (ADB) indicated that Bosome Freho is part of the few selected districts to benefit massively from this project because of hard work from the side of the MP.

Key to ensuring sustainability and maximum utilization of the equipment, Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng is in addition ensuring that, those apprentices will continue to receive these items untill all members have been served across the constituency.

On their part, the Susu Freho hairdressers and Dressmakers association commended Hon, Akwasi Darko Boateng for what they described as “consistent support” from him.

They claimed that interactions they have had with others members of their association in other regions and districts have shown that no other place had benefitted as much as they have received from Hon. ADB in Bosome Freho over the years and assured him of their continued and overwhelming support.

ADB no more One Term.
ADB y3 da wa ase.

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