If you reject the laptops you’ll regret it – NAGRAT prez warns teachers


The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has warned its members across the country that they stand disadvantaged if they reject the laptops being provided to them by the government under the One Teacher-One Laptop programme.

ACcording to NAGRAT, the laptops form part of the measures being rolled out by the Ministry of Education to better-motivate teachers to do a lot more for the education sector.

NAGRAT is of the view that teachers who refuse to take the laptops because of the issues surrounding their procurement will later regret their decision.

The president of NAGRAT, Mr. Angel Carbonu, said the laptops are to unearth the professionalism in teachers across the country.

He was of the view that this is a good deal from the government to all teachers.

Mr. Carbonu said teachers stand to lose a great deal if they refuse to take the laptops because the government is bearing a major portion of the price.

He said the laptops are a motivator rather than a burden on the teachers.
Mr. Carbonu made this comment in an interview on Accra-based Neat FM on Wednesday, 8 December 2021.

In his view, having the laptops in this teacher licensure dispensation would do the teachers a lot of good.

“Teachers who feel they already have laptops should still take it and give it out to their family members because the product is one of the subsidized freebies from the government top teachers”, he said

Source: ghanaweb

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