Police to inspect COVID-19 cards from January

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From January next year, the police will inspect the vaccination cards of all commercial drivers and motorbike riders to ensure that they have taken the COVID-19 shot.

Additionally, workers of all government institutions and health facilities will not be allowed into their workplaces if they do not show their vaccination certificates, while absence from work for this reason will deprive a worker of his or her salary.

Students 15 years or above, as well as all teaching and non-teaching staff, of secondary and tertiary institutions are also expected to be vaccinated before the next academic year.

Patrons and workers of all restaurants, stadiums, beaches and night clubs are also expected to be vaccinated mandatorily and show proof before entry into such places.

The arrangements are part of a mandatory vaccination policy which started yesterday and is to be enforced in January next year, after the government had declared December a National Vaccination Month.

The mandatory vaccination policy will be expanded in phases to cover more groups based on information gathered from the pilot.

Source: graphic.com.gh

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