Controller and Accountant General Requests For These Important Documents From Government Workers Again After Upgrading Their System -Check Out

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Controller and Accountant General

Some Public Sector workers in Ghana have been directed to make their details available to controller and Accountant Generals Department to be able to access services.

The Information include a Passport picture if one has not updated the system with theirs. They Explained that the passport pictures didn’t meet their requirements, some had a larger dimension than what they expected and as a result requested for it.

A good number of members have received messages from their heads of department.

The reason for the message is that, Controller and Accountant Generals Department has upgraded their platform which requires that your bio picture and phone number be validated by the Validators in your Schools. These pictures must appear on your E-payslip Platform.

Though the pictures were uploaded sometime ago, some pictures did not meet the requirements hence were rejected. Others too were not validated

Without a validated picture and phone number, you cannot generate a mandate form and without a Mandate form, you cannot transact any business that passes through Controller and Accountants General’s Department such as loans, Fund Increment and many others.

To be sure whether you have a Validated Picture just open your E-payslip to find out if your picture is there.

The CAGD made an Upgrade on their system lately and has added several developments to their portal including the ability to change the date of birth of a member, change bank account number and other graphical upgrades have been made, this as a result made the system go offline for some number of days.

Click Here To Open Your E-payslip

Controller and Accountant General Requests that Workers who facing this problem should send their staff IDs, Soft Copy of their passport picture and their full name as appear on the E-payslip to the validator of their organization for rectification.

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