Shocking Video of JHS Students Doing Unthinkable Things Inside Classroom after BECE Causes A Stir online -[WATCH VIDEO]

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There has been a massive stir on the information superhighways, as a new video of JHS students captured doing some unthinkable things in the name of completing junior high School made its way onto the internet.

The viral footage has attracted much attention and also generated endless talk among social media users, having them given unple@sant c0mments.

The purpose of sharing these videos is for parents and guardians to see what some of their wards do when they are sent to school to study.

Some boys could be seen mounting at the back of g!rls while they r0ck themselves like there’s no t0morrow.

The video which has gone viral shows some group of JHS students dancing and jubilating inside the class while their teachers were not around.

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Similarly, some girls could also be seen tw£rk!ing and showing their Ch00p!ing skills inside the classroom.

Watch The Video Below;

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