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Ghana Education Service has released index numbers to qualified applicants for the 2021 promotion aptitude test, text messages has been sent to candidates with their index numbers and venues for the examination.

Management of Ghana Education Service has outlined plans for qualified teachers seeking for promotion to upper ranks to write the promotion aptitude test before the end of the year to facilitate salary upgrading and adjustment for the successful applicants.

The aptitude test for promotion will be written in two batches the first batch is the teaching staff who are seeking for promotion to Principal Superintendent and Assistant Director II, the second batch of the aptitude test for the promotion to the rank of Assistant Director I and Deputy Director.

Candidates seeking for Deputy Director promotion will be required to attend a face to face interview after the aptitude test. The promotion aptitude test has been scheduled to 25th November for promotion to the rank of Principal Superintendent and Assistant Director II. Promotion to the rank of Assistant Director I and Deputy Director will be conducted on 26th, November 2021.

Index numbers have been sent to qualified applicants, applicants without index numbers will not be allowed to write the aptitude test. Ghana Education Service has directed applicants who have not received their index numbers to cross check at their district and regional education directorates.

Qualified applicants are to present their certificates, last promotion letter and valid National Identification card for verification, applicants without certificates, last promotion letter and a valid national ID will not be allowed to write the examination.

Candidates for the 2021 aptitude test are the third batch of the GES promotion exams, teachers are expected to be examined in the following areas, classroom management techniques, Knowledge in the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service, Policy Formulation in Education, General Knowledge, Methodologies of teaching and Current Affairs.

Seventy-five multiple choice questions with ten True/False questions. The entire examination will be scaled on seventy-five percent and staff appraisal forms will be twenty five percent.

Promotion exams are the only means a teacher can be promoted to a higher rank, teachers are advised to take the promotion exams serious. Majority of teachers who wrote the 2020 aptitude test failed in the examination, they are expected to write the upcoming promotion exams.

The results of the examination is expected to be released on January, 2022 for the successful applicants in the examination to be put on scale as government plans to avoid payment of arrears.


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