Two suspected gays beaten to death by an angry mob

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The two were allegedly part of four suspected gays who were caught by an angry mob.

The four were caught Monday night [October 18, 2021] in the act behind GBC (Radio Savannah) in Tamale.

Some workers from the Volta River Authority (VRA) reportedly caught the four in the act.

The VRA workers were in the area to work but had to go and search for food to buy because they were hungry.

As they approached the scene of the incident, they heard an unusual sound. They approached the uncompleted building only to discover the four men in the act.

They raised an alarm which drew the attention of some residents in the area. Upon reaching the scene, the residents allegedly assaulted the four, a situation that led to the death of two of them.

The remaining two were later sent to the Police Station. DSP Prosper Ananga, the Crime Officer, confirmed the story but expressed disappointment that two of the suspects were lynched.

He lamented that the activities of homosexuality had increased in the area. He said the Police were currently adopting measures to prevent the activities of homosexuality in the area.

He, however, advised the residents to desist from taking the law into their hands and attacking suspects.

Source: DNG

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