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Ghana Education Service has moved from the face to face interview for promotion of staff to upper ranks in the service, the aptitude test based promotion examination has been accepted by teachers and stakeholders of education, teachers resisted the aptitude based promotion method, but it has come to stay.

Some politicians promised to scrapped examination based promotion and give teachers automatic promotion once they are due for promotion.

A teacher is supposed to serve in his or current rank for a maximum of five years to be qualified for promotion, if a teacher fails in the promotion exams no matter the number of years and experiences he or she has acquired, that teacher will remains stagnant in the service.

The ranks of staff are considered for positions in the service, master’s degree is an added advantage but not requirement for positions in the Ghana Education Service, for example teachers rise from the position of principal superintendent to Assistant Director one (AD I) to be qualified for Assistant Headmaster or Headmistress in the Ghana Education Service.

District Directors and Regional Directors are teachers who went through promotions to get to the ranks that qualified them as district and regional directors. A teacher with the rank of Deputy Director is qualified to attend interview for head of second cycle school and teachers with the rank of Director are given the opportunity to manage district or regional education directorate.

As a teacher, to get to the topmost position in the service, the promotional examination should be taken serious, staff seeking to be promoted to the rank of Director and Deputy Director will attend face to face interview in addition to the aptitude test.

Prospective candidates for the 2021 Ghana Education Service Promotion exams are to take note of this vital information to be successful in the promotion. The aptitude test will constitute seventy five marks with Seventy-five multiple choice questions and True/false questions. A teacher should ensure he get the maximum marks from the aptitude test, the aptitude test alone cannot make a teacher successful in the promotion.

One important thing to be successful of the Ghana Education Service Promotion is the filling of the appraisal forms, the appraisal form takes twenty-five marks in total hundred marks. The appraisal form is the summary of the teacher’s work output, how the teacher relates with students and staff. Some teachers ignore the appraisal form, which affects them in their performance in the promotion.

The print out of the online application forms and the supporting documents should be sent to the district offices for onward submission to Ghana Education Service Headquarters for the teachers to be given index number for the examination.

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