Case Closed: 70 Year Old Woman Unveils All The Truth Surrounding The Kidnapped Lady’s Pregnancy

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Akua Attah as she is popularly called is seventy years old. She has been living as a neighbor with Josephine Panyin Mensah and her husband, Edward Amoako Simmons for many years. As neighbors, they are close to each other and have been living closely like families. She has a secret about the pregnancy of Josephine and why it was authentic.

She witnessed the marriage and naming ceremony of the only child of the couple. When Josephine Panyin took seed in the initial stages, she was able to detect with her unprofessional eyes. Mothers always have this special experience where they can detect the pregnancy of their daughters even before medical doctors confirm.

The physical appearance and changes of a lady are enough for the elderly to determine if she is pregnant or not and this is very common in the Africa traditional settings. This is the exact experience Maame Akua Atta used in detecting the pregnancy of her neighbor, Josephine Panyin Mensah. As months passed, she has been seeing the daily growth of the pregnancy and sometimes even recommend local herbs for her to keep the unborn baby active.

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At a point, she gets the opportunity to see the pregnancy physically and has over the period realized it was real. She was preparing to play the grandmother role for the unborn baby when the news went viral. For Maame Akua Atta nobody in this world can convince her that Josephine was not pregnant.

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As old as she is, Maama Akua Attah cannot be deceived to believe a fake pregnancy because the physical looks on the lady will even make her tell if there is pregnancy or not. She is very convinced that something fishy might be happening and some persons in high authority are trying to cover things up to benefit their political interest

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