HOT VIDEO: Eyewitness Detail How lovers get stuck At Lake Bosomtwe

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Luck eluded two adventurous lovebirds who were caught on video having good sez in Lake Bosomtwe when their gen!tals got stuck.

It is believed that their immoral act angered the river god which punished them to serve as a deterrent to others.

From the video, which is currently on circulation on social media the two who were enjoying their adventure were heard crying for mercy from the gods who had caused their genitals to get stuck.

Although efforts were been made to pull the male out of the female, the excruciating pain became unbearable as the young man kept shouting “3sheshe me” to wit I’m going through some much pain, “aka mu, aka mu, awurade hu me m) b)”to wit it’s stuck God please have mercy on me.

The Deputy Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Onasis Kobby who shared the video indicated that he stopped swimming in the lake Bosomtwe somewhere in 2007 when he chanced on a couple enjoying good sez deep down the lake.

He said it was the stock in trade of young men who go there and in the name of teaching young ladies how to swim, get them boozed and take advantage of the moment.

He said “There is an end to every stupidity. So they decided to have sez in Lake Bosomtwe and got stuck in there. This stupidity has been happening for ages. I stopped swimming in the lake somewhere in 2007 upon seeing one when I went under the water.

The guy who was local swimming trainer was having sex with almost all the girls he lured into teaching how to swim. They are mostly boozed so he romanced them and the next moment they are on his swinging on his manhood”.

Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosumtwi is the only natural lake in Ghana. It is situated within an ancient impact crater that is about 10.5 kilometres in diameter. It is about 30 km south-east of Kumasi the capital of Ashanti and is a popular recreational area.

The Ashanti consider Bosumtwi a sacred lake. According to traditional belief, the souls of the dead come here to bid farewell to the goddess Asase Ya. Because of this, it is considered permissible to fish in the lake only from wooden planks.


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