[Watch Video]– Shocking as Couple get Stuck with each other while getting intimate in Lake Bosomtwe on Excursion

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There are some traditional beliefs that some individuals think that is outmoded and no more present.

This viral video reveals that indeed some Taboos are still working and if you dare disrespect the leaders of the land, you will suffer accordingly.

In a story coming from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, a lady, and her man was having sekz in the Bosomtwe lake while on an excursion.

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Sadly while they were enjoying themselves, they didn’t know that it was taboo and so therefore the gods of Bosomtwe got angry and penalized them.

After the man penetrated his pen into the woman, he was unable to remove it as they got stuck into each other. Elders and priests came around and poured libation to save them from their sins.

Watch the Video below:

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