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The incumbent Ashanti Regional NAGRAT Gender Desk Coordinator (GDC) Ms. Adellaide Biyaa-Powers has pleaded with all NAGRAT council members and various school reps across the region to renew the mandate of all the current NAGRAT Ash. Regional Executives in the upcoming election for more developments and policies.

Madam Adellaide added that, this current administration’s achievements in the last four years have brought expansion of NAGRAT membership in the region.

Mad. Adellaide said the Chairman Francis led administration successfully implemented more programmes which include NAGRAT building policy, lands, NAGRAT Ash Welfare, a day’s clinic on how to answer questions (core subjects) for both JHS students and teachers which saw increase in membership and many more.

We are assuring members to calm down and renew our mandate for more developments. My dear ladies in NAGRAT should support me and wait for more actions in my second term as Gender Desk Coordinator (GDC). She added.

Madam Adellaide gave an advice in an interview with the after she had inaugurated her 21-member campaign team in Kumasi.

She asked the members of the campaign team to be humble and polite as they carry out their visitations, phone calls and all social media to sell the good message of the executives, their achievements and what members should expect in their second term to the people so they could win their votes for them to retain power.
“Please let the people know the numerous projects this current executives have executed in the various zones and the ongoing ones for them to understand and make an informed choice.

Mad. Adellaide entreated the members of the campaign team to propagate the true message of what the executives have done and shouldn’t focus on the atrocities from those who are hungry for power and moving round making false accusations polluting members for their votes.

All members, especially women, should wake up this time to fight for Nagrat, campaign smartly in order not to put our dear association in the hands of those who are hungry for positions, by peddling all sorts of lies to members to get power and collapse NAGRAT Ashanti. There is a saying that, “the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know”

Our trust is in you that, Isha Allah, you will give us another mandate to serve you.

The Graduate Teacher! for Excellence.

Long live NAGRAT .

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