Mid-term Break: Boarding Students Must Not Be Allowed To Go Home– Ghana Health Service

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The Ghana Health Service has cited a recent communication to Regional Directors of Education granting permission to Headmasters/Headmistresses for Form 3 students to go on mid-term holidays.

The Ghana Health Service recognizes the importance of occasional breaks from handwork in improving performance and this is important for students especially those in Form 3 as they prepare for their exams.

However, in the midst of the current outbreak of COVID-19, the mid-term
break may present a challenge to the already precarious situation of COVID-19 in schools and in the general population.

It may also present challenges to containing existing outbreaks in schools.

Furtherance to our acknowledgement of the importance of midterm breaks to students, the Ghana Health Service wishes to recommend the following:

1. The scheduled period for the midterm break be maintained as planned.
2. The midterm break should be restricted to campus and boarding students must not be allowed to go home.

These actions are necessary to prevent and control outbreaks in schools and in the general population.

Source: frichynews.com

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