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The National Service Scheme has said individuals that have completed their 1 year mandatory National Service can request their NSS certificate online. In this post, we’ll show you how to obtain the certificate online.

The Service in a blog post said personnel are to only obtain their National Service certificate only through the NSS Certificate delivery portal and received it in less than 48 hours

Requirements to order for your NSS Certificate

For you to get your certificate delivered to you, the National Service Scheme (NSS) requires you to do the following;

1. Personnel must have successfully completed their mandatory one (1) year (12 months) National service.

2. Personnel must have had their annual assessment form filled with a fair assessment of their performance by their immediate supervisor or Head of the User Agency where served.

3. Assessment forms must have been submitted at the various District offices of the scheme where the Agency is located

4. Submit your NSS Number for verification in the field provided

5. Submit your Means of Identification

6. Fill in your details in the request form displayed

7. Make payment for delivery using any of the several options available

How to request for your NSS Certificate

1. Visit the NSS certificate delivery portal

2. Enter your NSS number

3. Click on check to and follow the procedures to request your certificate

Note: If in case you provide the wrong details or the entered details do not match, click on “Wrong details” Request Correction” and submit your reasons on the page displayed.


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