[PHOTOS]: Meet The 4 Children Sentenced To Life Imprisonment And What They Did That Led To That -So Sad

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Are you aware of any young people who are serving a prison sentence of any type in your area? These children’s horrific condition can even make you cry, especially knowing that you can do nothing to get them out of this problem.

The laws of the country gives permission to punish even young people under 10, and they can be condemned to life imprisonment depending on the extent of the offence.

Meanwhile, today we will be looking at some young people who were sentenced to life imprisonment at a young age, and who have spent most of their lives in jail without knowing the real significance of freedom throughout their lives.

Some of these youths committed assassinations and there was nothing their parents could do to save them from the mighty hand of the law. Most of them have become adults in prison for many years and some of them are old and are still being punished.

Since they started committing murder in their tender age, the only way to curb them is to put them in correctional centers.

Here are the list of 4 children sentenced to life imprisonment:

1. Tate Lionel

The youngest U.S. citizen ever condemned to life imprisonment was Lionel Alexander Tate. He was found guilty of murdering a 6 year old girl Tiffany Eunick at the age of 13.

He is now thirty-four years old and continues to serve his life sentence.

2. Draper Brian Lee

After he was charged with killing his schoolmate named Cassey, Draper received a life sentence. Draper was charged for stabbing the young girl twenty-nine times.

This is how Brian Lee looks today after spending almost his entire life in prison.

3. Phillips Joshua

After being charged with first grade assassination of his 8 year old neighbour whom Joshua stabbed to death, he was jailed at the age of 14.

Joshua Phillips looks like this now after spending almost all his life in jail.

4. Smith Eric

At 13 years of age, Smit Eric was accused of killing a four year old boy and he was sentenced to death.

So, this is how Smith looks like after many years in prison.

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