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The senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman has outlined some nine(9) key silly things that single guys do which’s unhealthy in a relationship.

  1. Not having a relationship with God
  • Never date anyone until you have a relationship with God. Being with God gives you restriction and maturity in relationship with the opposite gender.
  1. Having multiple relationships
  • Being with one person is a discipline decision you must make. Don’t lead people on, no date is harmless.
  1. Proposing to a lady just to trap her
  • Maturity is the ability to master your emotion. Never tell a lady what you don’t mean. A lady that will stay with you will stay with you, don’t trap anybody with engagement ring.
  1. Dressing Shabbily
  • How you look determines who you hook. (Genesis 41:14). Your appearance determines your acceptance. Understand colors and events. Dress appropriately.
  1. Being extra possessive
  • Don’t be extra possessive of a lady you are not yet married to. A girl who truly loves you will be loyal to you. Extra possessiveness is a sign of complex. You are not sure of yourself.
  1. Dating a lady because of status and looks. (Proverbs 31:30)
  • Content should be a priority over container. True beauty is internal. Don’t compliment a lady’s body, compliment her clothes. There is something more than physical beauty. Any woman can be beautiful with the right care. A beautiful lady without character evaporates.
  1. Rebuking a lady publicly
  • Public chastisement is offensive to the feminine gender. Correct jokingly. Criticism is criticism, you don’t embarrass people publicly and call it constructive criticism. If you can’t wait, pull her aside.
  1. Failure to develop themselves
  • No lady wants to be with a Dundee. Know your craft very well. Read books. Get Education. If your lady is more exposed than you, you may have problems. Have something to engage her with.
  1. Refusal to understand Hygiene
  • Your health is your wealth. Watch what you take in. Avoid drinking, smoking and Bleaching. Use deodorants. Clean your mouth. Bad breath can be irritating.

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