SHOCKING: Popular TV Stations Included In Long List Of TV Stations That Promote Fraudsters, Scammers & Juju In Ghana-[CHECK LIST]

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A long List of TV Stations that are renowned for their constant promotion of Fraudsters, Scammers and Juju in the country surfaces online as popular TV Stations are included.

After the violent crime involving the alleged ‘money ritual‘ murder in Kasoa happened on Saturday, April 3, 2021, there have been major concerns raised by Ghanaians as to the faster rate fraudsters, scammers and juju activities are flooding numerous TV Stations in the country.

This comes as a result of the account of the suspects captured in the Police statement where they said they saw an advert of a spiritualist on TV which compelled them into committing such a violent act.

However, Ghanaians have intensified the calls on security officials to ban TV adverts of these fraudsters, scammers and juju on various media platforms. Per this, there should be massive reforms in the Country’s Media Landscape.

Social media users have therefore have tagged some TV Stations to be alleged promoters of fraudsters, scammers and juju leading to various levels of social deviance in the country.

Check out the list below:

  • Thunder TV
  • XTV
  • Omanba TV
  • Abapa TV
  • Serwaa TV
  • Selom TV
  • Akasanoma TV 
  • Kumawood TV
  • Sagani TV
  • Aflao TV
  • Obour TV plus
  • Adzipa TV
  • Star TV
  • Boss TV
  • Adinkra TV
  • Amen TV
  • Virgin TV
  • Best TV
  • Nkwa TV
  • Next TV
  • Shelter TV
  • TV Magic
  • Megyefo TV
  • ZTV
  • Channel 45
  • Soul TV
  • Royal TV
  • ABC TV
  • Rainbow TV
  • N TV
  • B TV
  • Passion TV
  • Ok TV
  • Osiekrom TV
  • Truth TV
  • Days TV
  • Test TV
  • TV Universe
  • Mframa TV


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