Must Read: Steps To Help You Change From Your Current Teacher Union To Another

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Here Are The Steps To Help You Change From Your Current Teacher Union To Another Teacher Union.

Gogpayslip portal is the platform which will help us switch from our current teacher Union to another. Gogpayslip is an online electronic payslip system created for government employees in Ghana. It is an intelligent e-payslip system managed by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD).

Some of the Teachers Associations in Ghana are TEWU, GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT, ITU, ATAG, etc, and it’s obligatory for every teacher to join one of these associations upon recruitment.

The significance of these associations or unions is to help fight for teachers and also allow teachers to channel their problems through them.

Below are the steps to follow in order to change your current teacher union to another:

1. Log on to the Gogpayslip website >>

2. Sign in by entering your staff ID, password and security code correctly.

Teacher Union

3. From the payslip dashboard, tap on Change of Association Form.

Teacher Union

4. From the pop-up menu, Select New Association.

5. Select the new association that you want.

6. Enter Send to submit your application to CAGD.

Teacher Union

By clicking “SEND”, you confirm that henceforth, your dues as a teacher should be deducted from your salary in favour of the new union you just joined or chose.

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