A/R: Armed Robbers Attack Teachers Going for Their Biometric Registration- [PHOTOS]

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A group of armed men has attacked newly recruited Teachers going for their Biometric Registration per reports.

Information gathered by frichynews has it that newly posted teachers going for their biometric registration at the Ashanti Regional office has been robbed by armed men this early morning.

According to an eyewitness report, this unfortunate incident happened around 5:40am aroound the premises of the Ashanti Regional Education Office, Amakom.

These newlyrecruited teachers had reported at the premises to carry out their registration process but unfortunately, the premises was closed. About ten of the aforementioned teachers hanged around the enterance of the office.

Four suspected armed robbers with cutlass and daggers on two motorbikes, attacked these teachers who were hanging around the premises. The teachers decided to run for their lives.

Some managed to escape from the attack with their belongings. Three also managed to escape but left their bags whiles two persons trying to escape unfortunately slipped and fell down which gave in for the robbers to attack.

These armed robbers were able get away with their purses containing some amount of money, smartphones and vital documents which would have aided them to have a smooth run in the registration process.

Some as a result of the attack sustained injuries on their hands and faces.

Source: Frichynews.com

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