Election 2020: “We’ll not accept what we know to be fraudulent outcome”– John Mahama

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Ex. President John Mahama has reject the 2020 election results of the Electoral Commission of Ghana stating that it’s a fraudulent result.

Addressing a Press Conference on Thursdays night, the former president of the Republic of Ghana and presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), H.E John Dramani Mahama, stated that the party is unwilling to accept the results declared by the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs. Jean Mensa and ready to take all legitimate steps to reverse this travesty of justice .

According to Him, the NDC won both presidential and parliamentary elections per the votes legally cast in the elections, and that no amount of trickery, sleight of hand and obfuscation can change that reality.


The NDC has long questioned the credibility of the Electoral Commission and its Chairperson Jean Mensa and Mr. Mahama said the electoral process justified their fears.

“It is now obvious to many objective minds that the Commission and its Chairperson have been used to manipulate results from the various constituencies and in that process seek to subvert the sovereign will of the Ghanaian people.”

The NDC Flagbearer also said that the NDC had won the Majority in Parliament with “140 seats” though the EC’s figures show the New Patriotic Party leading with 137 MP elects to the NDC’s 136, with one constituency outstanding.

“We will not accept anything short of a declaration of the legitimate results which points to an NDC Parliamentary majority,” Mr. Mahama said.

He further praised the NDC MP candidates have won a seat at parliament by describing them as “giant elephant killers.”

Mr. Mahama assured that the NDC’s team of lawyers and senior Party officials will “continue its meticulous audit of all presidential pink sheets to ensure that the verdict of the people is upheld.”

“We’ll not accept what we know to be fraudulent outcome”

“We will take all legitimate steps to reverse this travesty of justice,” he added.

Ending his address, he assured all ghanaians who voted for him that their votes will count.

Source: Citinewsroom.com


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