Click to Apply: Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them; Best Tips


Are you aware the government of Ghana is giving out 15,000+ scholarships to students who want to pursue higher education both outside and within the country? Frichy News has gathered all that you need to know and do for the secretariat to grant you the scholarship.

In the event that you’ve applied for a scholarship offered by Ghana Scholarship Secretariat or any other like for higher education and have been approached to meet with the scholarship advisory group, well done! You’re one bit nearer to winning. 

This probably won’t be your first interview, yet there’s a decent possibility it will be your first scholarship interview. We’ve assembled a rundown of the most well-known scholarship inquiries questions (and how to answer them) to enable you to get ready.

1. “Tell us about yourself.”

It sounds straightforward, however there is a correct method to respond to this kind of question. They’re not requesting your biography here. Try not to sit around discussing what’s on your resume or scholarship application – they definitely know all that, and they need to perceive what else separates you from different candidates! Give them a fast outline of what your interests and aptitudes are, the manner by which that identifies with getting this scholarship, and for what reason you’d be the best individual to win this grant.

2. “What’s your greatest strength?”

On the off chance that you’ve made it to the scholarship interview, they might suspect you’re quite amazing, however this is the opportunity to truly show them. In case you’re a decent writer, tell your interviewer(s) how much you enjoyed your High School English class or what your methodology was for composing your scholarship essays. If you appreciate performing, give a tale about helping other people beat stage alarm. Whatever your quality is, consistently be explicit and give examples.


3. “What’s your biggest shortcoming?”

The way to discussing your weakness is to paint them in a positive light. (Furthermore, no, saying you’re a faultless son is certifiably not a genuine answer.) If public speaking isn’t your solid suit, clarify how you took a public talking class, and despite the fact that it makes you apprehensive, you’re working on conquering your weakness. In the event that you battle to work in group projects, give a case of a period you had the option to give up and trust others to achieve something incredible together. Regardless you’re still taking a shot at beating a shortcoming, the thing your interviewer truly wants to see is the manner by which you handle it.

4. “For what reason do you deserve this scholarship?”

You don’t deserve this scholarship because you have a high GPA or in light of the fact that you won’t have the option to go to your fantasy school without it. You deserve it because your entire abilities and achievements have met up to get you to where you are today. Clarify that you know there are a lot of candidates who are meriting this scholarship, yet your one of a kind encounters are a decent pointer of your future success, and getting this aid will open the entryway for some more chances.

5. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

You don’t must have your entire life outlined for the following five years, however the scholarship board needs to see that you are very brave of your course of action. What would you like to achieve while you’re in school? What do you see yourself doing after graduation? Consolidate how this scholarship will surrender you a leg on achieving your objectives.

6. “Who is your role model?”

At the point when your questioner poses this question, they’re attempting to become familiar with what your identity is, not about your role model. Regardless of whether it’s a relative, a teacher, or a celebrity, clarify how their activities have inspired you or what you’ve gained from them and why.

7. “Do you have any questions for me?” or “Is there something else you’d prefer to include?”

Don’t say “no.”, no matter what. Utilize this as a chance to make reference to anything you didn’t get the opportunity to talk about that you figure the scholarship board should know, or to pose a couple of questions that show your enthusiasm for the scholarship. Here are a couple of views for good questions to pose:

• What’s something you wish you would have known when you were from my point of view?

• What advice would you give somebody in my position? 

• How and for what reason did you get into this field? 

•. What do you believe is the greatest challenge for individuals hoping to get into this field?

It’s imperative to keep it proficient, but don’t be reluctant to play around with your scholarship interview. The grant panel has just observed.


Click Here to apply for Scholarships offered by Ghana Government and it’s Associate Partners.

You can also CLICK HERE to contact the scholarship secretariat.

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