Kumasi Academy kicks out two-time NSMQ Champion – Mfantsipim School


Day Three of the National Science & Maths Quiz started with an awe-inspiring performance by Kumasi Academy against St. Mary’s SHS and two-time NSMQ Champion, Mfantsipim School.

At the beginning of the contest, Kumasi Academy led the charge to victory and continued to do so till the very end. They dominated the second round with 25 points, followed by Mfantsipim School and St. Mary’s SHS with 19 and 11 points respectively.

Kumasi Academy maintained their reign throughout the contest, with little resistance from their contenders. They ended the contest with a whopping 53 points, with Mfantsipim School placing second with 35 points. St. Mary’s SHS came in third with 30 points.

Mfantsipim student in a prayer mood

Kumasi Academy answered three out of four riddles correctly in Round Five, winning the GOIL Riddle Bonanza, worth GH₵1200.00 at the One-eighth Stage. With 53 points at the end of the contest, Kumasi Academy also stand the chance of grabbing the AirtelTigo Highest Scorer of the Day award, worth GH₵2000.00 at the One-eighth Stage.

This spectacular win secures Kumasi Academy’s seed; an automatic qualification to NSMQ 2021. Later this week, Kumasi Academy will compete against Pope John Seminary SHS and Armed Forces SHTS at the Quarterfinal Stage.

Here’s a breakdown of the contest:

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Kumasi Academy: 20

Mfantsipim School: 11

St. Mary’s SHS: 9

Round Two – Speed Race

Kumasi Academy: 25

Mfantsipim School: 19

St. Mary’s SHS: 11

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Kumasi Academy: 31

Mfantsipim School: 21

St. Mary’s SHS: 17

Round Four – True or False

Kumasi Academy: 44

Mfantsipim School: 35

St. Mary’s SHS: 30

Round Five – Riddles

Kumasi Academy: 53

Mfantsipim School: 35

St. Mary’s SHS: 30

Source: NSMQ

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