Development Agenda Well Thought Through- Kwabena Antwi


The NDC keeps making accessions that since they made some infrastructure gains ,it means they have made more gains than NPP. The NPP believes in empowering the individual to acquire skills, knowledge for this they brought free SHS, so then after SHS what next?

They thought it through and brought one district one factory (1D1F) so that the kids from SHS can further their education and be gainfully employed, and also empower the individual and improve the standard of living.

Another policy was adopted, the recruitment of graduate for a 3 year contract (NABCO) in the hope that after the 3 years contract a lot of the factories will be operating so they will be gainfully employed.

Then they thought of what to eat to make the individual healthy for work, thus the implementation of planting for food and jobs.

They thought of how to make the individual fit to work, the revival of the ambulance service.

Finally, means of traveling from one place to the other, they revived the railway system.
So therefore with the above submissions ,what holds the NDC to ever debate the great elephant?
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Source: Antwi


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