[Watch Video]~ TTAG Warns of Mass Examination Failure- College of Edu.


The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has warned against mass failure at the end of their current semester examination due to little contact hours in colleges of education.

The Association is asking Ghana Education Services (GES) and other relevant stakeholders to reveal the current examinations timetable issued for colleges of education’s end of year period.

According to the President of the association, students are to return to school and prepare for only 1 week before the examination starts.

It will be recalled that, after the schools were closed down following the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana, various tertiary institutions were asked to find a way to complete their semester, hence started online lectures.

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Some tertiary schools went on to conduct their examination online amid the pandemic, whilst others returned to their various schools to complete the semester.

Speaking at the ASHBA writing awards ceremony, Mr. Appiah feels that, the situation will be worst than last year after about 450 students were dismissed from the institutions after they failed to meet the minimum requirements.

Speaking to Joy News representative, he highlighted that, universities like UCC and others were given 2 weeks for preparation but Colleges of Education has been given just 1 week to prepare.

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  1. One week will cause more harm to us ..we need to have time with our lectures for some clarification on what we studied

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