Who is papa no? – Social media users ask

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Barely three months to a general election and the most trending topic on Ghanaian social media is “Who is papa no?”.

The name of a former president has been rumoured as the man at the centre of a beef between two ‘slay queens’ but the question remains “Who is Papa no?”.

Aspersions and insinuations have been cast at certain businessmen and relatives of some politicians but that has done little to answer the question “Who is papa no”?

Social media is earnestly seeking an answer to a puzzle that looks to follow the “Who said tweaa?” trend.

Till date neither the DCE or Ghanaians know the person “who said tweaa”.

Mzbel and Tracy Boakye, the two women who are fighting over the man have done everything except one thing – reveal the identity of the ‘papa no’.

They both have denied that the ‘papa no’ is a certain former president or a real estate mogul but they haven’t answered the mind-boggling question of ‘who is papa no”.

So ‘difficult’ is the question that it found its way to Ghana’s Parliament with the Information Minister describing former deputy minister of power John Jinapor as the ‘papa no’.

The minority on which side John Jinapor belongs vehemently rejected the tag and vowed not to accord the minister the respect he deserves because he called one of their own “papa no”.

An attempt by the NDC Communications Officer to react to the ‘derogatory’ remarks Oppong Nkrumah has backfired with social media users turning on him.

Afia Schwarzenegger, another one of those Ghanaians who prides themselves as celebrities has vowed to mention the name of the ‘papa no’ but until she does that social media users are asking “who is the papa no”?

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