2020 Batch of Trained Tecahers Give Ultimatum to Release Results – PRINCOF Must Act Immediately


QUOTE TO PRINCOF: “What Is The Joy For Sleeping With Your Wife And Did Not See Result(Pregnancy) on Due Date”

As far as Examination is concern, the joy of every student after writing an exams being it difficult or easy is to get access to his/her Results as scheduled by the Exams body and other related institutional authorities. The most worrying aspect of the story is when Students are kept in suspense for number of days after eavesdropping that the Exam body has released exams Results to the Institution concern. It will shock you after reading the rest of the article.

The 2020 batch of Teacher Trainees, also the last batch of the Three Year Diploma in Basic Education Course reported to Campus on June, 22, 2020 as directed by the President to prepare towards writing their exit exams. The exams which consists of two papers, that is, Trends and Management in Education and Guidance and Counselling were written on July 2 and 3 this year. Could you believe the marking of over 40, 000 scripts of Trainees were residentially marked with 6 days( July 6th – July 12th 2020)? How can you be even sure if marking was done properly, but who even cares?

According the Institute of Education, UCC, Results of those papers were published on July 23, 2020 as well serving College Principals with Results Statistics. For that, Students can testify to that. Principals of the Colleges of Education did well in sending copies of result statistics to students to check them at the comfort of their residence.

This is very worrying and heartbreaking! Rumours suggest that Students of some Colleges Iike Offinso and SDA College of Education have received their Results from their Schools. We have about 48 Colleges of Education in the country, and if what we are hearing is true then, PRINCOF should earlier than later.

Information reaching Campus Journalist News Desk indicate that Colleges like OLA and KOMENCO have still not received copies of their own Results. I must say, this is unfair on the part of PRINCOF. And would like to advise that if Students Results are within their reach, they should do all their best possible to send copies of students results to them before the unexpected happen.

Most Trainees have angrily reacted on this same issue on Delay of Exam Results. And their entitled and must react to the conduct of school management.

After talking to few of them, they all concluded by saying” We are giving PRINCOF an ultimatum of August 12, 2020 to release Results Else We The Students Will Take Our Own Action, Which Will Be at The Peril of The Institution”. We have nothing now to tell them but will wait patiently till the deadline

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