Hundreds of hospital patients benefit from Vodafone enhanced Homecoming initiative

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Vodafone Ghana Foundation, the charity arm of Vodafone Ghana has organized a virtual ceremony to launch its annual Homecoming initiative.

The virtual launch, formed part of efforts to herald the 3 phased Homecoming initiative aimed at bringing relief to many patients who are in financial distress in some medical facilities nationwide.

To kick start the first phase in the Northern belt, the Foundation footed the medical bills of 96 patients in hospitals some district and regional hospitals in the northern belt of Ghana. Among the costs covered were general hospital admission bills, auxiliary maternity-related costs for women, medical laboratory service costs for patients for individuals who were suffering from some medical conditions such as meningitis, pneumonia, and ectopic pregnancy among others.

In addition, the beneficiaries received a Vodafone Farewell Package which contained 50pcs of nose masks, a bottle of hand sanitizer and seed capital to assist with their endeavours. Some of them were also enrolled unto the National Health Insurance Scheme while others had their membership statuses renewed.

Speaking at the launch, Geta Striggner-Quartey, Director for Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, commended all partners of the foundation for working tirelessly every year to help bring comfort to many Ghanaians through the Initiative.

“The annual homecoming initiative has since its inception in 2011, settled bills of thousands of patients in the many health institutions across the country who were still defaulters to medical bills. The initiative which sought to make a positive contribution to the Ghanaian society is an indication of Vodafone’s insight into understanding the need to support the less privileged.”

She noted that the exercise was one of the Foundation’s strategic ways of helping boost the healthcare provision of the nation especially as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his part, Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation, Amaris Perbi, “The Vodafone Ghana Foundation has remained committed to helping the citizens of this country through numerous initiatives over the past 11 years. Besides the challenges of accessing quality healthcare, we found it disturbing that thousands of patients extend their stay in health facilities because of their medical bills. Homecoming is, therefore, part of a concerted plan to provide basic relief for the greater number of Ghanaians who face this challenge.”

Earlier, Medical Superintendent at the Wa Municipal Hospital, Dr. Nabil Dehkpe, lauded the Foundation for the timely intervention. He was of the view that, the initiative would impact several lives positively.

“Indeed, the inability of many individuals to settle their medical bills is a worrying situation in my health facilities in Ghana and we are very grateful to the Vodafone Ghana Foundation for such an intervention. Clearly, many individuals, who may have otherwise not been able to afford their medical bills have had smiles put on their faces through this kind gesture. This, for me, is a great demonstration of Vodafone Ghana’s support for Ghanaians in diverse ways, in spite of the pandemic.”

Vodafone Homecoming is an annual charity activity of Vodafone Ghana Foundation. Since its inception in 2011, the initiative has helped to pay the medical bills and other auxiliary medical costs for some vulnerable patients.

Unlike other years, the 2020 edition will be rolled out in 3 phases across the northern, middle and southern belts respectively between July and September.

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