Mahama will implement Youth in Grass Cutting, Women in Stone Picking if reelected – Gabby

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Enthusiastic member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has alleged that former President John Mahama will soon implement some policies he had intended to implement but lost power to the NPP in 2016 like Youth in Grass Cutting and Women in Stone Picking when he is reelected.

Taking a dig at the former President and his government, Mr Asare Otchere-Darko suggested that an old video in which Rashid Pelpuo, then Minister of State in-charge Public-Private Partnerships, is heard saying that employed teachers and nurses could resort to picking and selling stones as a form of employment, gives a sneak peek into the 2020 manifesto of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)

“A little peek inside the 2020 NDC manifesto and some of the mistakes that JM has learned and wishes to correct if elected, like implementing policies his Govt suggested but never had the chance to implement. Some of these policies Ghanaians should look forward to including Youth in Grass Cutting; Women in Stone Picking. Three trips of stones a day from the bush solves all your unemployment problems,” he reacted to the video of the former Minister.
For him, going back for Mahama is going back for wahala.

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo then Minister in the erstwhile government of John Mahama suggested unemployed nurses and teachers who were demanding posting at the time and had been denied due to a ban on government employment could engage in stone picking or cutting grass for sale to prospective buyers.
At the time, his suggestions angered many unemployed nurses and teachers who unanimously condemned his suggestion.



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