Breaking News: ECG Issues Statement to the general Public over 17.5% Increment bills

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The Electricity Company of Ghana ECG) has asked the public to disregard reports suggesting that it has increased its bills by 17.5%.

There were reports that suggested that the Electricity Company of Ghana had increased its bill by 17.5% as a form of payback for the intervention provided by the government.

But a statement from the power producer said the reports are false.

According to ECG, the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission which is mandated with the regulation of tariffs has not informed it of any increase in the bills and to be applied to the current electricity tariff structure.

The ECG wishes to inform its cherished customers and the general public that the PURC who is mandated by law to set tariffs has not informed ECG of any increase in tariff, neither has the ECG received notice from the Government of Ghana of new or increased taxes to be

source: reportsghana

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