Electoral Commission Voters Registration Eligibility Criteria, Requirements and Step-by-Step Procedures

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The Criteria for Eligibility 2020

  • Citizen of Ghana
  • 18 years and above
  • Be of sound mind
  • Be a resident or ordinary resident in an electoral area
  • Not be prohibited from registering by any law in force

Electoral Commission Voters Registration Requirements 2020

  1. The right spelling of your full name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Your Current Residential Address
  6. Town/Village/Area
  7. District
  8. Region
  9. NIA number
  10. Passport number
  11. In the event where an applicant does not have a required documents, the applicant must be accompanied by two guarantors who must have registered as Voters under the current exercise
  12. Father’s full name
  13. Mother’s full name
  14. Town/Village/Area
  15. District
  16. Region

Sample of EC of Ghana Voters Registration forms

Electoral Commission Voter Registration Protocols and Procedures 2020

  1. You must go there in face mask.
  2. When you arrive, your temperature will be taken by the Ghana Health Service Staff before you gain admittance to the Enrollment premises.
  3. You will at that point wash your hands with cleanser under running water and join the line in the divided zones.
  4. You are required to maintain a minimum distance of 1meter whiles in the queue.
  5. You will then be taken care of by an official who will experience your archives to check duplication of registration.
  6. Afterwards your forms will be filled.
  7. You will then go to the information section official where your unique mark (finger print) and photograph will be taken. NOTE: Alcohol wipes will be used to wipe all scanners before taking your finger prints.
  8. Your ID Card will be processed and given to you.
  9. Hand cleansers will be provided at the exist of the Registration premises.

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